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       ABDENT TECHNOLOGIES is a fast growing organization which offers a wide variety of services to match your IEEE Research and Development.Team members are  well experienced and qualified and also have good recognition in IEEE standard.We combine years of experience and providing state-of-the art technologies with superior services which provides best and effective solutions.

     ABDENT TECHNOLOGIES provide a real time IEEE Projects on various domains for all degree final year students (CSE / IT / ECE ) with training based on their needs. We develop innovative products on the enhance quality of life and thereby we are continually improving the position of our company , as well as enhancing the lives of our employees and our community.

Service provided to research scholars 

1. Research Idea and paper writing
2. Thesis preparation
3. Research concept implementation
4. New Strategies and Algorithms
5. Novel Techniques and Streamlined innovations
6. Publication Support in High impact factor journals

Why Abdent Technologies ?

1.Latest Technologies and Tools
2.Individual Care for Each Student
3.Online Support
4.Experience & Expertise Developers
5.More Than 5 Years Experiences in IT Field
6.In-plant Training and Certificate

We Provide Projects and Guidelines  to the Following Disciplines:

M.E / M.Tech
B.E / B.Tech
BCA and
Guidelines  For Ph.d Research & Development

(Department :CSE / IT / ECE /EEE /Mech )

Advantages Training Methodology
Group Project Discounts + Practical SimulationNewly Updated TechnologyQualified Staff membersPurely IEEE Based Projects100% SatisfactionWell Explaination100% Guaranteed Project OutputUnlimited Project Customizations Understanding the objective of the Project Profile and ScopeFeasibility studyHardware Software EnvironmentSDLC ModelER, DFD DesignSource/Interface requirementsTesting Debugging and DocumentationTrain & deliver Project for 0th, 1st & Final Review